Bonneville dam fishing
Salmon fishing and Sturgeon at Bonneville dam

Bonneville pool fishing guides fish the Columbia River below Bonneville dam for Salmon and Sturgeon

Bonneville dam fishing guides fish the Columbia River area near Bonneville dam for Bonneville Dam fall Chinook salmon, spring salmon, fall salmon, Bonneville Dam keeper sturgeon, and oversize sturgeon. The Dodson area is and the mid-Columbia river are host to huge numbers of keeper sturgeon, oversize sturgeon, trophy sturgeon, fall Chinook salmon, Oregon king salmon, and Portland area Salmon fishing just doesn't get any better. Ask Oregon fishing guides where the best Salmon and Sturgeon fishing is and they will tell you this Mid Columbia River section below Bonneville dam near Dodson and close to Hood River and the Dalles is the place so go Salmon or Sturgeon fishing.

Bonneville Pool fishing
Salmon fishing near Portland is good and Oregon King salmon fishing works like Oregon spring Chinook fishing but Bonneville Dam oversize sturgeon can be caught with knowledge of "how to catch Sturgeon" or Dodson oversize sturgeon.


     Bonneville Dam trophy sturgeon, Bonneville Dam King Salmon and Dodson King Salmon are like Bonneville Dam keeper sturgeon and as fun to catch near Portland, Oregon as Bonneville Dam spring Chinook salmon.

Spring Chinook fishing reopens June 8 above Bonneville Dam

OLYMPIA - The sport fishery for hatchery spring Chinook salmon on the Columbia River from Bonneville Dam to the Washington/Oregon state line will reopen Saturday (June 8) under an agreement reached today by fishery managers from Washington and Oregon.

In addition, fishery managers also agreed to extend the current fishery for boat anglers fishing for salmon in the lower river up to the deadline below Bonneville Dam beginning June 8. That change removes a restriction on fishing for salmon from a boat from Beacon Rock upriver to Bonneville Dam. The lower river reopened to spring Chinook fishing May 25.

For details on today's action, check the fishing rule change at .

Ron Roler, Columbia River policy lead for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), said an updated run-size forecast indicates at least 115,000 upriver Chinook are now expected to return to the Columbia River this year, up from the previous forecast of 107,500.

"The increase in the number of Chinook salmon moving upriver allows us to make these changes," said Roler. "These additional openings provide anglers an opportunity to fish for spring Chinook from the mouth all the way upriver to the Washington/Oregon state line."

Anglers fishing the Columbia River are allowed to retain one hatchery-raised adult Chinook salmon per day as part of their daily catch limit. Barbless hooks are required, and anglers must release any Chinook salmon not marked with a clipped adipose fin as a hatchery fish.

The Columbia River will be open for spring Chinook fishing through June 15. Starting June 16, daily limits and fishing areas change on the Columbia River when the summer Chinook fishery gets under way.

For details, check WDFW's sportfishing pamphlet at  

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Spring Chinook fishery re-opens

May 7 above Bonneville Dam
OLYMPIA - The fishery for hatchery-reared spring Chinook salmon will re-open May 7 for four more days of fishing on a section of the Columbia River stretching 163.5 miles above Bonneville Dam.
Fishery managers from Washington and Oregon agreed Wednesday to re-open the fishery through May 10 because the number of spring Chinook passing the fish ladder at Bonneville Dam significantly increased over the last week, said Cindy LeFleur, Columbia River policy coordinator for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). The fishery closed earlier this week.
"We havenít done an official run update yet, but the recent dam counts are strong enough to allow anglers four more days of fishing and still remain within the current buffered harvest guideline for the area," LeFleur said.
Above Bonneville Dam, fishing for hatchery-reared spring Chinook salmon will be open to boat and bank anglers between the Tower Island powerlines below The Dalles Dam and the Washington/Oregon state line, 17 miles upriver from McNary Dam. Bank fishing is also allowed from Bonneville Dam upriver to the powerlines located about 6 miles below The Dalles Dam.
Anglers fishing above Bonneville Dam can retain up to two marked, hatchery-reared adult Chinook salmon or hatchery steelhead as part of their daily limit. All wild salmon and wild steelhead must be released unharmed.
Salmon fishing below Bonneville Dam remains closed at this time.

Harvest guidelines for spring Chinook fisheries above and below Bonneville Dam are based on a projected return of 198,400 upriver fish, minus a 30 percent "buffer" to guard against overestimating the run.
LeFleur said additional fishing time may be allowed in both areas if a run update confirms that returns are large enough to allow more harvest by non-Indian fishers. A run update could occur as early as next week, she said.
Oregon fishing guides and Washington fishing guides fish below the Bonneville dam for Chinook Salmon. Catching Salmon with a quality Oregon Salmon fishing guide. A great day of Salmon fishing awaits you when you book a trip with Bonneville dam Salmon fishing guide service.
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 
May 4, 2011
Contact: WDFW Region 5 Office, (360) 696-6211

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     Bonneville dam fishing guides offer fishing trips at Bonneville dam so Columbia River fishing reports for Bonneville Dam fall Chinook salmon are showing at Dodson fall Chinook Salmon.

Bonneville Dam Fishing Guides

Dodson Spring Chinook Salmon are like the Columbia fall Chinook Salmon while keeper sturgeon on the Columbia River keeper sturgeon spots specialize in fishing for Columbia River trophy sturgeon. Mid Columbia River keeper sturgeon and Mid Columbia trophy sturgeon are similar to Mid Columbia oversize sturgeon. Learn how to catch these fish with a local area fishing guide.